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Workplace Wellbeing Health Checks.

Workplace wellbeing in Covid-19.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training.

Support for staff experiencing pre and post bereavement.

Cancer awareness.

Delivering emotional support for managers.

Resilience training for managers.

Resilience training for staff.

How to support the carers in your workforce.

Developing peer support in the workplace.

Community engagement methodologies.

Asset based community development.


Our one day training supports your organisation to offer a specific bespoke training days. We know that supporting the workforce with an increasing number of carers, people living with cancer and other life limiting illnesses, disability and bereavement issues can be difficult. Any of the above listing can be selected.


Our 6 month package supports your organisation to offer a specific programme of training and support over a 6 month period. We know that supporting the workforce with an increasing number of carers, people living with cancer and other life limiting illnesses, disability and bereavement issues can be difficult. Unlike our one and two year packages, there isn’t an initial workplace wellbeing health check, we will go straight into delivering a bespoke training and over the course of 6 months.


Our annual package offers you the opportunity to take a much deeper look at your current wellbeing offer, we will measure the impact it is having on your employees and work with you in identifying a sustaining a strong workplace culture where employee wellbeing is at the forefront of your daily activity.


After discussing your objectives with you and what you hope to achieve from working with us, we will begin with collating some data for you that will allow us to form a baseline. The data you provide will allow us to map and benchmark progress as we work with you throughout the year. The detail required is comprehensive and will include specific data including:

• staffing numbers

• sickness levels

• current staff satisfaction levels if internal survey in place



Once we have this detail, we will come to your organisation and meet with staff to facilitate focused listening events. This will allow us to explore understanding and collate feedback on wellbeing at all levels of your organisation. After this initial scoping work is complete, we will sit with you to discuss our findings in more detail and communicate our delivery plan for the year.


We strongly believe in a client centered approach and therefore models of delivery are always bespoke to a particular organisation. Each organisation will have different needs and we have a wide range of services that will be offered.


At the end of the delivery year, you will be provided with a report that offers you a measure of progress your organisation has made throughout the year and our support and delivery will be withdrawn.


Our two year package takes the delivery elements of the annual package and builds by adding an increased focus and attention on sustainability. By working with us for two years, we will be able to take an in depth look at measure and outputs to give you confidence that measures being put in place are having a positive impact on your employees and evidence that together, we are creating a gold standard workplace wellbeing culture. 

Evidence tells us that an organisation and its staff may well take up to two years to adjust to any new changes and we would argue that this time frame also fits the wellbeing arena with organisations adjusting to increasing pressures in supporting their workforce as they balance caring responsibilities, life limiting illness diagnosis, and bereavement.

For many organisations our annual package will suit their needs but for others, they will want to look more at the sustainability of a stronger wellbeing offer because of the financial benefits this will reap in the longer term.

With the two year package, the delivery model will be doubled with increased training for line managers and support for staff. There will be quarterly reports submitted to allow you to understand the current wellbeing state and any trends will be identified. Working with us for an extended period of time allows us to develop further offers for your staff.

We will support and develop employees within your organisation to become your wellbeing champions and this will allow them membership to a growing UK wide network of champions where they will learn from external speakers, share best practice and receive peer support from workplace wellbeing champions from a variety of organisations across the UK. There will be an annual conference as well as regular e mail updates and discounted access to other conferences and training that we hold.



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