We work with organisations to better emotionally support their workforce through life changing events. 

To Educate, Develop, Guide and Empower organisations to provide a supportive workplace culture.

EDUCATE We offer strategic training that will allow HR teams and line managers to become more confident in their delivery of emotional support, develop their own resilience in providing this support and enhance signposting skills.

We also deliver the same training to staff and coordinate health and wellbeing days.

DEVELOP We will support you in developing your in house knowledge base (sharing our skills as equality and diversity trainers, national voices, and lived experience speakers) to work alongside you to grow your wellbeing offer.

GUIDE We work using a co productive approach that will bring you and your staff on board with reviewing the current offer and working together to shape a solution that will see an increase in employee engagement survey satisfaction, an increase in retention and a reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism.

EMPOWER We will work with you to ensure you are left with the skills to support your workforce, strengthen your signposting skills and if requested, we will support you in developing an in house peer support network as an additional layer of sustainability in supportive wellbeing.

Workplace Wellbeing EDGE supports you in improving your status as a supportive employer.
We have a specialist interest in helping you support your workforce in the following areas:
Employees who are also carers
Employees who have a life limiting illness
Employees who have a disability
Employees struggling pre/post bereavement
Supporting line managers to deliver emotional support
Creating an inclusive and compassionate workplace culture
Support in dealing with loss



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